DPS InvestigationsOverview

This bureau investigates the Department’s critical incidents which may involve death or serious injury and provides investigative support to other units in the investigation of less serious critical incidents.  This bureau also investigates alleged criminal misconduct by departmental employees and investigates alleged public official and employee misconduct for political subdivisions throughout Arizona.  It also investigates critical incidents and allegations of criminal misconduct involving employees of city, county, state, tribal and federal agencies.

Furthermore, the bureaus assists city, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies by providing investigative support into serious crimes occurring within their communities.  In addition, the bureau provides support to the Highway Patrol Division to include investigations involving aggravated assault, homicide, hit-and-run collisions, and narcotic interdiction.  The bureau also provides investigative expertise and expert court testimony when a vehicle is the instrumentality in a homicide, aggravated assault, and other related crimes; and/or when the State of Arizona may be exposed to civil litigation as a result of the collision.  The bureau also provides class instruction in the area of collision investigation and reconstruction to our agency as well as other agencies around the state and provides vehicle collision reconstruction services to the Department and other city, county, tribal, and federal agencies.

Functions / Additional Information

The Investigations Bureau is comprised of the following functions: