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The Law Enforcement Merit System Council adopts rules for the Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training Board that pertain to:

1. classification and compensation plans

2. standards and qualifications for all classified positions

3. fair and impartial selection, appointment, probation, promotion, retention and separation or removal from service by resignation, retirement, reduction in force or dismissal of covered employees

4. a performance appraisal system which is used to evaluate the work performance of covered employees

5. hearings of employee grievances related to classification, compensation and employee appraisals

The Law Enforcement Merit System Council adopts rules for all Arizona State Agencies that have a AZPOST certified full-authority police officer in a covered position that requires the certification, in regards to the procedures for the conduct of appeal hearings connected to suspension, demotion, reduction in pay and loss of accrued leave of covered employees.

The Law Enforcement Merit System Council consists of five members nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to serve three-year terms. Members are chosen on the basis of experience in and sympathy with merit principles of public employment.