In loving memory of Bruce W. Harrolle
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Help the Family / Donate
Bruce W. Harrolle (1972 - 2008 EOW)
End of Watch: Monday, October 13, 2008

For those wishing to assist the family of DPS Officer and Paramedic Bruce Harrolle who was killed in the line of duty on October 13, donations can be made at any Chase Bank.  Simply visit a Chase Bank branch where deposits can be made to the Bruce Harrolle Account.  The account number is:  2915063065.  The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 32 helped establish this account.

Cards and notes of condolences to the family can be sent to:

To the Family of Officer Bruce Harrolle
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Post Office Box 6638
Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638

The Harrolle family would like to thank everyone for their gratitude and support during this difficult time. 

DPS Officer & Paramedic (1972-2008 EOW)