In loving memory of Bruce W. Harrolle
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Send Condolences
Bruce W. Harrolle (1972 - 2008 EOW)
End of Watch: Monday, October 13, 2008

Cards and notes of condolences to the Harrolle family can be sent to:

To the Family of Officer Bruce Harrolle
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Post Office Box 6638
Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638

In addition, anyone is welcome to make an official entry into Officer Harrolle’s public Guest Book which is being hosted by azcentral.

The Guest Book allow friends and family members to express condolences, pay tribute or share memories.  The azcentral staff does not review grammar or spelling.  All written entries and photos are posted free of charge.

DPS Officer & Paramedic (1972-2008 EOW)