Sgt. Michael L. Crowe

Sgt. Michael L. Crowe, 41

Residence: Yuma
Badge: 2729
End of Watch: July 4, 1995

Sgt. Crowe was shot to death along with Yuma Police Department Lt. Dan Elkins after they arrived at the Southwest Border Alliance headquarters building near the Yuma International Airport. The two were members of the SBA task force and had agreed to meet at the building to discuss missing items from the SBA property room. Upon entering the building, they interrupted a burglary in progress and were shot by the intruder. Yuma police arrested Jack Ray Hudson, a Yuma County Sheriff's Office deputy, as a suspect in the double murder. The deputy was a fellow member of the same narcotics task force and was later convicted of the double murder. On April 30, 1997, Hudson was sentenced to prison for life. 

Twenty-nine Arizona Highway Patrol/Department of Public Safety officers gave their lives in the line of duty. These brave heroes and their families are in the hearts and minds of all who worked with them, of those who follow in their footsteps and of the public whom they served.

Of the 29 deaths, eight were the result of murder, 17 were traffic related, two died in a helicopter crash, one died in a helicopter accident, and one killed when a train exploded.